MagnaPin is an innovative alternative way to attach pins, brooches, corsages, boutonnieres and name badges to your fine clothes without ever having to ruin a garment by piercing them with a pin shaft.

Now you have an alternative way to attach your favorite pins to fabrics you’d never dream of piercing with a pin shaft – such as linen, silk, satin, suede, leather, and even fur.

MagnaPin is a jewelry accesory that is composed of two parts. When you pull MagnaPin out of its package, lightly grip MagnaPin between your first finger and your thumb, and then slide MagnaPin apart. Because of the extraordinary strength of the special MagnaPin magnets, MagnaPin cannot be easily pulled apart, you simply need to slide it apart.

Go inside the MagnaPin website to learn more and watch videos about how to use MagnaPin.

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